2021 – Grand Palais Bern

A presentation of the publication "Mobile Soils" and a culinary unfolding through a dinner by Gabriel Gee and a scenography by Manon Briod

The exhibition brings together positions that explore the book format as a reference point for a language-oriented, performative or ephemeral practice. At the Grand Palais, one work is taken out of a pile of books every Friday and staged in the space. The publications on display interrogate their own objecthood by potentially changing their shape and thereby entering into a dialogue with their surroundings. In doing so, the relationship to space is fundamental to evoking the moment of activating and being activated.

︎︎︎ Exhibition with contributions by:
Margaux Dewarrat, Nienke Terpsma & Rob Hamelijnck with guests Lucinda Guy and Catherine Schelbert , Robert Ireland, Katja Jug, Georg Rutishauser, TETI Group (Anne-Laure Franchette & Gabriel Gee) with guest Manon Briod, Petra Köhle & Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin

︎︎︎ Invitations and concept: Petra Köhle, Nicolas Vermot-Petit Outenin-and Georg Rutishauser
Co-organization: Karen Amanda Moser