2022 – Zürich

This series of three dinners is a collaboration between arvae, Manon Briod & Mathieu Pochon, foodculture days, TETI Group and SAE Greenhouse Lab. Together, we unfold the three chapters of the publication “Mobile Soils” by TETI Press: investigating the mineral and rooted discussions of the underground, looking at the layered and planted conversations on the ground, and finally exploring the circulating patterns across the overground.

“Ground”, the second dinner in the series, explores the dynamics of “giving and taking”, “production and consumption”, “human beings and machines”, “linear and circular”, addressing food and agricultural practices and through scientific and socio-political questions. How to turn the relations of a greenhouse into a social, educational and cultural space for interpersonal relations, embodied gestures and non-production? How does soil nurture or feed us - and what do these processes look like?

We understand soil as a body of knowledge, containing many (hi)stories. This dinner is a sensory exploration and haptic experience - we invite you to taste the research, listen to the food, smell the sounds.

“Underground” was hosted by TETI Group and SAE Greenhouse Lab. With contributions by Gabriel Gee, Jan van Oordt, Rafaël Newman, Caroline Wiedmer, Gnanli Landrou, Anne-Laure Franchette. The meal was concoted by Gabriel Gee and Anne-Laure Franchette. Pictures by Stéphanie Gygax.

“Ground” was hosted by arvae and SAE Greenhous Lab, the food was proposed by Mariana Murcia, with contributions by Siavash Namehshiri, Kenza Benabderrazik, Jose Caceres Mardones and Tara Lasrado. Pictures by Garage School.

“Overground” was hosted by Foodculture Days and SAE Greenhouse Lab. The food was elaborated by Grace Denis, with contributions by Anne-Laure Franchette, Paloma Ayala, Kenza Benabderrazik and VOLUMES.
Pictures by Erika Calderon.

The scenography of the three dinners were devised by Mathieu Pochon and Manon Briod.

Project realised with the support of Pro Helvetia and of the Migros Pioneer Fund.