Terry + Tori is a rug company created with graphic designer Pauline Piguet for our diploma work at Ecal. This project began through a mutual interest in each other’s work and a will to use both skills and experiences.
Rugs combine technical and aesthetic considerations. We transform the usual rug into a kind of floor canvas while still retaining the objects essential characteristics. We conducted a research on rug production techniques, materials and appearance. Terry+Tori stands for a radical approach to rugs, using them to structure spaces in a contemporary and innovative way. We reconsidered the manufacturing processes and rethought the materials in order to undertake every stage of the production chain ourself. The result is fabric carpets sewn together with a machine normally used for the making of agricultural products.

︎︎︎ Project made with graphic designer Pauline Piguet
︎︎︎ Nominated for the Swiss Design Award 2013
︎︎︎ Exhibited during Art Basel 2013