2013 – with Pauline Piguet

Terry+Tori emerges as a fictitious rug company imagined by graphic designer Pauline Piguet and designer Manon Briod as part of their diploma project at Ecal/University of art in Lausanne. Originating from a shared interest for each other's work and a shared desire to apply their respectives skills and experiences, this project delves into the intersection of technical and aesthetic considerations inherent in rug design. Straying from conventional designs, they've turned regular rugs into floor canvases while preserving their essential features.

Through extensive research into rug production techniques and materials, Terry+Tori takes a fresh approach to rugs, using them to shape spaces in a contemporary way. They reconsidered manufacturing processes, opting to handle every stage of production independently. The result: fabric carpets stitched together using a machine typically used for agricultural products.

︎︎︎ Project made with graphic designer Pauline Piguet
︎︎︎ Nominated for the Swiss Design Award 2013
︎︎︎ Exhibited during Art Basel 2013